Dental Bridge w/ bone loss, creative end result

Procedure Details

This patient lost a front tooth through trauma at a young age. Either he had crowding of his teeth, or the adjacent teeth moved closer together such that the dentist who did the bridge originally, made the bridge smaller than the patient's own teeth to fit into the space available. Additionally, the patient developed bone loss and lost one of the the teeth that the bridge was fixed, and the other tooth holding the bridge in place developed an abscess (see "bubble" over upper right tooth) and was not salvageable. To compensate for the bone loss, the lab added pink porcelain at the gum line so that when he smiled the gum line looked level across all the teeth, both natural and man-made; otherwise the missing teeth would be extremely long in length in relation to his natural teeth. Secondly, to make the bridge teeth proportionately the same width as his natural teeth, we reshaped his upper left eye tooth to look like the missing lateral incisor, and then re-shaped the first bicuspid tooth right behind his eye tooth, to appear as his eye tooth. Looking at the final photo, it's hard to believe that six of his front teeth are not his natural teeth. My compliments to my lab tech, Margit Szabo of Advanced Ceramics Dental Studio in California for helping create such a GREAT result. It was a team effort.

Dental Bridge with :Bone Loss


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