Composite bonding

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Composite Bonding

This was a gentleman who was involved in truck accident, while at work.  I had seen him in the office about a month before for a routine exam and cleaning.  I received a call from his family who said he was at the Chesapeake Rehab facility.  I went over to see him, and walked right past him, because he was so mangled, bandaged, swollen and bruised from the accident, I didn't recognize him--he looked that different; it was a very serious accident.  To improve his spirits, they asked me if I could restore his front tooth.  A few days later, he was transferred by medical transport to my office.  After about an hour in the dental chair, the after photo was the result.  The bleeding is because I took the photograph immediately as soon as I had finished, and it was gone about a day or two later.  The other chipped teeth were restored later on, once he had recovered and was able to come to the office by himself.


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