Restoration of Badly Decayed Teeth--Direct Composite Bonding

Procedure Details

This was a young college student who admitted she was extremely rebellious as a child and to spite her parents, refused to brush her teeth. As she was getting ready to graduate college, she became an adult and realized the folly of her rebellion, especially if she was going out onto the job market. There were a lot of tears initially but I finally got her to commit to cleaning her teeth--which initially was uncomfortable. It then took a few visits--I had to extract some hopeless posterior teeth from the back of her mouth, and then started restoring the front teeth using direct composite bonding veneers on her teeth. I also started working on a few lower teeth, but she graduated school and moved out-of-state before I could begin restoring the lower front teeth. Surprisingly, in spite of the enormous amount of tooth decay, she did not need any root canals on her upper teeth. Her self-image improved drastically--smiling like crazy rather than putting a hand over her mouth when she talked. While her gum tissue was still not perfectly healthy in the after photo, she is now on her way to better dental health (hopefully!).


Smiles! Dentistry by Dr. Heher

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