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If you have skipped dental visits due to your fear of the dentist, you could benefit from nitrous oxide sedation at Smiles! Dentistry by Dr. Joseph Heher. Our practice in Salisbury, MD features nitrous oxide sedation for dental procedures and to help patients with dental anxieties and fears during standard visits. Nitrous oxide (N2O) gas is a proven sedation technique that helps you safely relax during your visit. Commonly known as laughing gas, N2O is used by dentist Dr. Joseph Heher to keep you comfortable while you remain awake. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Heher to learn more about nitrous oxide sedation during your dental visit.

Best Candidates

Nitrous oxide is a very popular sedation technique and it can be used safely on children and adults alike. Prior to approving the use of nitrous oxide, Dr. Heher will review your current medications, medical history, and concerns to ensure nitrous oxide gas is a good choice for you. N2O sedation may be used for advanced or routine procedures in conjunction with local anesthesia to help reduce your discomfort. Nitrous oxide sedation may also be used to ease dental anxieties, gag reflexes, or fears that keep you from visiting the dentist. Nitrous oxide gas might not be right for you if you have difficulty breathing through your nose, have extreme phobias, have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or experience other similar conditions.

What To Expect

Before the procedure begins, the nitrous oxide will be administered using a nasal hood. As you inhale the gas, it will quickly start relaxing you. Dr. Heher or a member of his team will monitor your health and response to the gas, as well as adjust the medication as necessary throughout the procedure so you remain relaxed. You should expect tingling in your arms and legs, as well as a feeling of warmth and mild euphoria as the gas kicks in.  At no time will you lose consciousness or self-control; it is basically the equivalent of a mid-day cocktail, but without any alcoholic effects. Nitrous oxide is typically used in conjunction with a local anesthesia such as Novocain to numb the region of your mouth where Dr. Heher will be working. After the dental procedure has been completed, the gas will be turned off and the effects should quickly wear off, allowing you to safely leave the office and drive home.


Recovery from N2O sedation is usually immediate as the gas is eliminated in just a few minutes. You should be able to drive and resume your normal activities when you leave our office. Side effects are very uncommon, but you could experience chills, sweating, fatigue, or headaches, and rarely nausea and vomiting. Don't hesitate to contact our staff if you have any questions or concerns. To reduce the risk of nausea and vomiting, Dr. Heher suggests you eat a light meal before your procedure and then wait around three hours after you leave before consuming a heavy meal.

Insurance Coverage

Adult insurance coverage for nitrous oxide administration is not common, however it is only a nominal charge.  To Dr. Heher’s mind, it is more important you be comfortable during a dental procedure.  If you have dental insurance, our team will call your carrier to help you understand any potential benefits with regards to nitrous oxide sedation. This will help us calculate your out-of-pocket costs before your procedure. If you do not have dental insurance, Smiles! Dentistry by Dr. Joseph Heher accepts many forms of payment, including medical financing, to help make your treatment and N2O sedation more affordable.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

If you avoid regular dental appointments or you're dealing with dental pain because of fear of the dentist, please consider a consult with dentist Dr. Heher to learn more about nitrous oxide sedation at our dental office in Salisbury, MD. Dr. Heher and his skilled staff will be happy to answer your questions and address your concerns about the use of nitrous oxide sedation at Smiles! Dentistry by Dr. Joseph Heher.

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