Our Commitment to Patient Care


The lifeblood of our practice are patients, both new and repeat – we’ve never forgotten that. My staff and I strive to provide you with the best possible oral care while ensuring you have an optimal dental experience during your visit with us. As patients ourselves, we wouldn’t expect anything less. We believe that you’re entitled to both a dentist and an office that is professional, knowledgeable and above all, caring. Given above all, I will assure you of:

Quality Work

I’ve made a conscious effort over the years to strive for excellence in dentistry. It has been a mantra for my life’s work – traveling the world to learn from dentists whom I believe are true masters in the art and science of dentistry. I am one of only a handful of general dentists in Maryland who works with a surgical operating microscope during restorative procedures, affording minimal removal of tooth structure, yet with an assurance of unprecedented levels of thoroughness. When something looks good and is done well at ten to sixteen times larger than the eye can see, it really looks good and is really done well to the naked eye. I am also one of the few dentists from Delmarva appointed to the Dean’s Faculty at the University of Maryland Dental School. In a 2010 survey of practicing dentists from the entire Eastern Shore conducted by What’s Up? Eastern Shore magazine, when asked which dentist they would select for dental care for themselves or their family if they needed dental work, I was voted as the only general dentist from the lower Delmarva area. It is an honor I value since the voters were my professional peers.

A Professional Staff

Your oral care will be performed and assisted by licensed mature professionals who are trained to the highest standards. Our small dedicated staff collectively has accumulated more than two hundred years of experience and longevity in the health care field. That’s a MAJOR asset to both my practice and your patient care because our combined experience weaves a proven work ethic and values with the latest in technique and technology.

Comfortable Care

We’ll do everything we can to make your dental experience pleasant and positive. You can expect us to be as gentle as possible, yet still be thorough in what we do. We’ll always do our best to keep you as comfortable as possible during your visit, which if you request, may also include the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) at a minimal charge. Nitrous oxide remains one of the oldest and safest anxiety-reducers available with virtually no side or afterward effects – and we trust it to help our patients.

Convenient Appointments

To accommodate those with busy or hectic schedules, we schedule Saturday morning appointments twice a month.

Up-front Fees

Dentistry is an investment and we want to make sure you don’t have to contend with a big surprise. We provide you with estimates of our costs up front. Other than crisis care visits, we will provide a written treatment plan with per-visit prices. Should unexpected complications occur during treatment, we’ll do our best to inform you of them and when options exist, explain the various alternatives and treatment recommendations so you can make an informed decision. We won’t perform dental procedures until we have discussed fees and options. Any dental insurance claims will be completed by us and submitted electronically for you to speed payment.

Emergency Dental Services

While good dental health and regular check-ups usually pay dividends to keep you and your mouth healthy, the reality of life is that sometimes dental emergencies happen. When they do, we respond quickly. If it’s after normal office hours and you need care, you’ll find specific emergency instructions on our voice mail to address your needs.


I’m confident you’ll be delighted with the level of care, attention, and service you receive in my office. We are a local business, and the staff and I are all members of our communities committed to looking after the needs of our friends and neighbors. We’re constantly working hard to earn patient loyalty and the privilege of being your family’s dentist. As I mentioned previously, you’re the lifeblood of our practice — and we’ve never lost sight of that.