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At Smiles! Dentistry by Dr. Joseph Heher, patient satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, Dr. Heher takes into great consideration the feedback our patients provide us about their experience at our facility. We have compiled a complete list of our patients' reviews to provide insight into what you can expect when receiving treatment at our Salisbury, MD practice. We invite you to read through our reviews to learn more about our practice and feel assured you will receive exceptional care when choosing Smiles! Dentistry by Dr. Joseph Heher for your dental treatment.

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Review from I.T.  |  Source: Other  |  Aug 28, 2019

Dr. Heher: I adore you! Because you are a man of excellence! A man of integrity! A man of professionalism! A man of greatness! A man of skillfulness! A man of knowledge! A man of caring! Most of all, a man of passion! A passion for life, your family, your friends, your craft, and all you embrace! Thank you! For the man that you are, the man that you’ve been, and the man you are creating each and every new day. Thank you for calling me. I so “appreciate” you, and all you mean to me, and “all” your patients. And your staff is superb! Women of will, wonder and most of all grace! To me they are honest good women. And I treasure them! Again, thank you! Thank you for everything. For your valuable time and concern. Blessings and hugs for you and your beautiful staff! More

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