Salivea for Dry Mouth

There was an interesting advertisement in the form of an open letter in a recent issue of the American Dental Association’s ADA News from the inventor of Biotene products for dry mouth.

In the letter he acknowledged that his company sold the Biotene brand to GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in 2008. According to him, five years later GSK changed the Biotene formulations, removing what he claims were the primary benefit of Biotene, the salivary enzymes and proteins he found promoted salivation.

He has apparently developed a new product for dry mouth that incorporates the original enzymes and proteins from his original formula and doesn’t include some of the products GSK added once they changed the formulation.

The new product is called Salivea, and is available either directly from Laclede, Inc. (877-522-5333), or locally from Walgreens.

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