Top Safety Measures

I’d like to think we’re “bullish” when it comes to safeguarding your dental health when you seek dental care at Smiles!  Patient health is our business and our top priority; we’ve always tried to maintain the highest level of infection control in our office.

The emergence of the COVID pandemic has upped the challenge, and I’ve got to tell you it has been gratifying to hear recent comments by more than a few patients, along the lines that if they had to go to any dental office, they felt more secure coming to see us based on their previous visits to the office. 

In the past, we were concerned about blood-borne cross contamination, which required physical contact to transmit, but the COVID virus is air-borne, which means you only have to be in close proximity to risk contracting it. 

I’ve been concerned about the aerosolization that occurs during most dental procedures, and as a consequence, I am pleased to tell you that we have just installed a new state-of-the-art, virus-trapping air purification system in the areas where you will be treated.  

Hospitals, medical labs, and surgical centers are now installing surgically clean air purifiers to improve the quality of their indoor air for their patients and employees.  The air purification system we just installed recycles the air through a multi-stage filtration process to capture air pollutants and filters 99/998% of particles down to 0.1 microns (the size of the COVID virus), cleansing the air volume every five to ten minutes.

So, in addition to:

·        Additional personal protective equipment for all team members, which we change with every patient interaction

·        Temperature checks for team members and patients

·        Controlled entry into our reception room to maintain social distancing

·        Pre-procedural rinses to inactivate any potential viruses in the mouth

·        Use of the rubber dam whenever we can, we have now added….

A 99.998% effective filtration system to purify the air where you will be treated!

Much the same as this virus will not fade away any time soon, neither will dental problems.  We’ll try to keep you informed about any additional steps we are taking to ensure you can continue to have your dental needs addressed during the COVID pandemic at Smiles!  Stay healthy!


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